'Avengers' Bumps Up Shawarma Sales

After the credits roll, eat like your favorite superhero

Now that we know how to party like the Avengers — and drink like the Avengers — we can all start eating like the Avengers. Their meal of choice? Shawarma.

After one credit scene depicting the characters eating silently at their favorite shawarma joint (thanks to a one-liner from Robert Downey Jr.), movie buffs are racing to eat the Middle Eastern food. TMZ did an informal poll with shawarma restaurants in Los Angeles, who reported seeing stronger shawarma sales since the movie came out. Ro Ro's Chicken in LA said they've seen their numbers boosted by 80 percent — much like the swarm of baba ghanoush sales after You Don't Mess with the Zohan came out.

Want to eat like a hero? Good thing The Daily Meal has you covered for the best shawarma recipes, so you can eat like your favorite characters.