Autumn Spice Cocktails: Nutmeg

And then there was nutmeg. What a subtle, elegant spice. Nutmeg unintentionally teases us. It begs the question, "What is that flavor?" It is the selfless support for an endless array of recipes. The balance it gives is what every dish and every cocktail so desperately craves. Yet the confidence of nutmeg is where this spice's true beauty lies, as nutmeg never needs the spotlight. It knows its own importance and is perfectly content letting others shine. How dashing.

Nutmeg's history is equally full of intrigue and mystery. The story goes that up until the 19th century, the Banda Islands were the world's only source of nutmeg. In August of 1511, three ships on behalf of the king of Portugal set out to find the Banda Islands, and upon reaching its shores spent a month filling their ships with nutmeg. That is a lot of nutmeg!

The Three Ships cocktail is a true love song to nutmeg. It cleverly pleases and tingles the five senses with a "What is in this cocktail?" scrumptiousness. It eases us into the fall season ever so gently, with fresh pear and floral St. Germain.

It takes true restraint not to down this lively libation with one big gulp. But, as with most refined things, you must find that restraint and relish each sip. This is one cocktail where nutmeg is truly the shining star.

Click here for The Three Ships Cocktail recipe.

— Ssteincurry, The