Will Lubaroff

Kansas City, MO
University Of Northern Iowa
Cocktails, Spirits, Restaurants
  • Will has been a freelance writer for nearly three years.
  • He has written mainly for other sites in the food and beverage space, as well as the travel industry.
  • His affinity for food writing comes from nearly a decade in the restaurant industry, as well as a lifetime of eating good food.


Will loves writing about topics close to his heart, and there are none closer than food and beverage. With eight years of experience as a server and bartender, he's had firsthand experience with many types of dining and cuisine. Will has written for BrewView, a publication based in Missouri and Vermont that's centered around all things craft beer. He's also written for Liber & Co., a craft cocktail syrup company based in Austin, Texas. Will is a lover of good food and good drinks, and is excited to share his passion with readers around the world.


Will received his bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Northern Iowa in 2018.
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