Sarah Mohamed

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Austin, TX
Northeastern University
Recipe Writing, Budget Cooking, Natural Wine
  • Sarah has worked professionally in the service industry for years as a line cook, server, and personal chef.
  • On her blog "Spoken Food," Sarah shares recipes and her own hot takes on food, culture, restaurants, and travel.
  • As an avid traveler, Sarah has a love for both bucket-list, fine-dining, experiences (the mole madre at Pujol!), and roughing it off the beaten path (a six-month work exchange on a farm in rural Argentina).


Sarah's love of food and hatred of offices brought her to pursue work on farms and in restaurants. Her cooking is driven by the Indo-African cuisine from her father's side, the casseroles of her mother's midwestern roots, the Tex-Mex and barbecue of her hometown of Austin, Texas, and the many meals she has enjoyed throughout her travels. She is inspired by the throughlines of cuisines across the world and revels in the alchemy of good food, drink, and company combined. Sarah decided to pursue writing professionally as a way to make the world a brighter place by sharing her experiences with food and travel, reminding everyone that life-changing tastes and adventures can be accessible and affordable. She is focused on growing her freelance writing portfolio, building her natural wine palette and knowledge, challenging herself as a cook, and always, prioritizing balance.


Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Northeastern University. Her studies focused on international relations, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofit management.
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