Oona O'Brien

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New York City
SUNY College At Purchase
French Food And Culture. Coffee Culture, Food Lore.
  • Oona has been writing and editing online content for three years, with an emphasis on topics that involve food lore and strange food stories.
  • As a half-French person who lived in Europe for six years, and worked several service jobs, she's tried many different foods from cultures other than her own.
  • With a background writing for Cracked and an education in philosophy, bringing you real, weird stories about food that you probably didn't know about is something she is no stranger to.


Oona O'Brien's online writing career began with Cracked, an online infotainment site, many of her pieces covered bizarre food topics like "The Weird, Secret Starbucks for the CIA Only," as well as "How Red Flags Made Up The Food Pyramid," and also "Lunchables Are Trash Food, But the Nostalgia is Real."


Oona graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts from Purchase College with a degree in Philosophy and Literature.
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