Matt Meltzer

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Miami, FL
University Of Florida, University Of Miami
Food, Travel, Business, South Florida
  • Matt has covered restaurants both in South Florida and nationally for Thrillist, Matador Network, and other publications, and is an expert in the ever-changing culinary landscape.
  • Matthew has written countless articles on food history and origins, exploring everything from the rise of blue crab in the Carolinas to why Texas became synonymous with barbecue. He's also written extensively on the history of the Cuban sandwich, and knows it started neither in Miami nor Cuba.
  • Matthew has traveled most of America and much of the world, testing out and covering craft breweries from rural Ohio to Monte Carlo.


Matt Meltzer has been covering food and travel for nearly 15 years. He has been the Miami correspondent for Thrillist since 2013, and covered food nationally for both them and Matador Network. He's traveled across the world sampling cuisines on all six continents that have cuisines. And he is also a professor at the University of Miami. Interestingly, his eating habits have been compared to the Utah drinking laws, where every time you think you have it figured out, there's a new little twist. Pollocarnetarian is probably the best description.


Matthew holds a Masters in Mass Comm, University of Florida, a BBA from University of Miami, a diploma from Roosevelt High School in Seattle and, somewhere, a very nice certificate saying he completed fourth grade.
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