Kellie Sandrik

Birmingham, Alabama
University Of Alabama-Birmingham, University Of West Alabama
Food, Health & Wellness, Travel
  • Kellie has a passion for food and began cooking and creating her own recipes when she was 8 years old.
  • Being a mom, she is always on the hunt for meals and snacks that are both tasty AND healthy for her family.
  • She has written and edited for a variety of magazines and websites, such as Instacart, Hooray for Moms, USA Today, azcentral, as well as a variety of blogs focused on food, travel, and parenting.


Kellie has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years, working her way up the ranks from editorial assistant to managing editor to director of editorial content to multimedia producer. She even orchestrated the entire process of launching an international B2B magazine, and at one time juggled eight magazines, two newsletters, and three websites for three publishers at the same time. She's very excited to be working with Static Media as a features editor for the Daily Meal, as food is her passion. Not only does she have a strong background in publishing, but she also has a true love for cooking and learning about foods from around the world.


Kellie studied journalism and mass communications at University of Alabama-Birmingham where she was a member of the honors program.