Dai Poole

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Virginia Tech
Ice Cream, Baked Goods, Seafood
  • Dai's articles have repeatedly placed in the top 5 of The Kitchn's News & Culture's most read articles for the month.
  • His work as a music journalist was discovered by PBS Soundfield who contracted him to write the script for one of their digital releases.
  • Growing up in coastal Virginia, he was surrounded by an abundance of fresh seafood cooked using various techniques.


Dai began his writing career with the popular online music magazine ThisIsRnB back in 2019. After a few of his articles went viral, he began to seek out a new avenue to express his interests. That is when an opportunity to write for a popular food blog, The Kitchn, came around. After a few months there, Static Media proposed that he join Mashed as a contributor. He jumped at the opportunity to work for Mashed given the site's distinct style from The Kitchn.


Virginia Tech allowed him to graduate with a degree in Psychology and a degree in Music. His time there helped me improve my research and citation skills which have fared me well at Mashed. His interest and insight into psychology allow him to look at eating trends and behaviors from a unique lens.
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