Austrian Guide Drinks Too Much, Strands 60 Hikers on Mountain

Emergency services had to rescue tourists stranded by their drunk tour guide
Rax Mountain

Wikimedia/Herbert Ortner

A tour guide who was drinking on the job got too drunk and abandoned 60 tourists on the side of a mountain.

There are certain jobs where drinking on duty is more OK than others, and certain jobs where it’s just a terrible, terrible idea. “Mountain tour guide” is in the latter category, and this week emergency services in Austria were called out to rescue a group of tourists stranded on the side of the mountain after their tour guide took a few too many sips on the tour.

According to The Local, this week a group of 60 Hungarian tourists was hiking on the Rax Mountain in Lower Austria when the tour stopped for lunch. The guide at that point was apparently already quite drunk, and he just wandered off, leaving the 60 Hungarians with no idea how to get back down from the mountain.

Fortunately, one of the tourists had a functional cell phone and was able to call for help when the weather started to get bad. Mountain Rescue Services managed to find the lost tourists and transport them to safety. When they reached the bottom of the mountain, they even ran into the tour guide, who had apparently just decided to finish the hike without his 60 Hungarian hangers-on.

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