Police Fine Man for Eating Kebab

An Austrian man got a big ticket for eating on the sidewalk
Wikimedia/Anton Porsche

An Austrian man was fined $130 for eating a kebab on the street.

Diners in Austria might want to reconsider partaking in some of their country’s delicious street food, because one young man was just hit with a pretty steep fine for eating a kebab outdoors.

According to The Local, a 19-year-old Austrian man stopped at a Turkish takeout restaurant for a quick snack after a night out a few weeks ago. He bought a Doner kebab, which is like Greek gyros, and took it out of the restaurant to eat. When he sat down near the restaurant, however, two policemen came and demanded his name and address.

“Two stern policemen happened to be passing by and they told me I was getting in the way of pedestrians and took down my details. The square was deserted,” the man said. "I thought at first I was eating too fast and they were going to give me a speeding ticket.”

Three weeks later, however, he received a fine of €100, or approximately $130, for “impeding pedestrians” by sitting down to eat his kebab. The man was able to get his fine reduced to €60 on appeal, but he said the experience left “a sour taste.”

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