Inept Drug Smuggler Surprised When Cops Check His Lunchbox

A man trying to smuggle drugs into Germany just assumed police would leave his lunch alone
Chili Con Carne


A would-be drug smuggler thought he had a great idea to smuggle marijuana in a Thermos full of chili, but that was pretty much the first place police looked.

People smuggle drugs every day. How hard could it be? Well, apparently it’s a lot harder than one Austrian man expected this week when he was caught by police with a Thermos full of marijuana.

According to The Local, the man was visiting Amsterdam, where marijuana and hashish are legal. He decided to bring some of his mind-expanding leftovers home with him, though, and that is not at all legal. He thought he had the perfect plan when he decided to seal his drugs into a waterproof packet and hide them in a Thermos under a thick layer of meaty chili con carne. Somehow, he figured that even if he was searched, the police would ignore his lunchbox.

He was wrong about that, though. German narcotics officers on the train between Amsterdam and Munich decided to take a closer look at the man’s chili and found the drugs right away. They also found a small stash of psychedelic mushrooms in his suitcase. The would-be drug smuggler was arrested.

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