Austria Wants To Ban 'Discriminatory' Food Names

If you want to order "gypsy schnitzel," "whore's spaghetti," and "n**** bread" in Austria, you better do it quickly. The Austrian Chamber of Commerce and a restaurant association have moved to ban "discriminatory"-named foods from menus.

The reason, the groups say, is that the dishes point to a past where such names were acceptable. Said Alexander Pollak, a spokesman for Austrian equality organization SOS Mitmensch, to the Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper, "Discrimination is no laughing matter, even when it happens unwittingly or because of tradition." 

To avoid taking the politically incorrect items off menus forever, the groups have come up with new, less offensive names: "n**** bread" would be changed to "very dark bread," and "gypsy schnitzel" would be changed to "cutlet with pepper sauce," among others, reports Business Insider. However, not all are thrilled with the idea of changing the names. The president of a Tyrolean gastronomy association, Harold Ultsch, said the proposal would overhaul traditional dishes.