Australian Winery Pulls Selection From NRA Wine Club

The Yalumba winery is not to happy to be included in the NRA Wine Club

The NRA hasn't made many flattering headlines recently — and that would include the little-known wine club sponsored by the NRA. Now, after learning that its wines are included on the NRA Wine Club's list, the Australian winery Yalumba is seeking to remove its bottles from the selection. 

Australian news outlet the Herald Sun reports that the winery was not aware how four of its bottles ended up on the list of bottles sold by the wine club; Yalumba is only one of 20 Australian wineries to make the cut. But the people behind Yalumba want to be disassociated with the club because of its position. "Philosophically, I'm not disposed towards the NRA, which runs counter to my family's, and I would think all my employees', positions on gun laws... We will act to withdraw our stock or at least not service the account any longer," said Robert Hill Smith, the head of the Yalumba winery, to the Herald Sun. 


The biggest problem the winery has with the NRA wine club is that, understandably, a portion of the sales from the wine club (and wine shop) profit the NRA. But other wine producers interviewed by the Herald Sun don't seem to care much about where the money goes. Said one producer, Peter Barry of Jim Barry Wines, "No matter religion, color or creed, I'm just happy people are drinking and enjoying Australian wine." We guess that's one way to look at it.