Australian TV Airs McDonald's-Backed McDonald's Documentary

Joining the likes of Super Size Me and Fast Food Nation is the next McDonald's fast-food documentary, McDonald's Gets Grilled. Except, of course, this one is sponsored by McDonald's.

The documentary, which aired on Australian network Channel Seven, showcases six Australians who spend a week touring farms and factories for McDonald's produce.

Of course, some viewers aren't too happy about the fast-food giant's backing, but Seven representatives think the film is "an interesting contribution to current public discussion around food and nutrition."

The channel aired the segment last night, drawing in 761,000 viewers, even though critics consider it a "thinly-veiled" advertisement. Consumerist calls it a "30-minute infomercial paid for by McDonald's." And naturally, Australian McDonald's CEO Catriona Noble told The Sunday Telegraph, "(This) is not an ad for McDonald's. I think it's very balanced."