Wikimedia/Jerzy Strzelecki

Australian Man Swims Into Ocean to Escape Restaurant Bill

A man tried to dine and dash by running into the ocean and swimming away

Wikimedia/Jerzy Strzelecki

An Australian man was apprehended by police on jet skis after he attempted to escape a restaurant bill by swimming off into the ocean.

The people who skipped out on a banquet bill by dancing in a conga line right out of the restaurant have some competition in the dine-and-dash department, because an Australian man just tried to skip out on an enormous restaurant bill by swimming into the ocean.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, an Australian man named Terry Peck ran up a bill of around $600 Australian dollars, or about $450, and when the time came to pay the bill, he ran into the ocean and tried to swim away.

Peck stopped at the Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on Sunday, and he told reporters he wouldn’t go back to the establishment because it was “overpriced.” He also won’t be going back to it because a judge later ordered him to stay away from the place after the stunt he pulled.

After running away from the bill, Peck ran into the ocean and reportedly made it about 50 meters away from shore before being apprehended by police on jet skis. It is unclear how he thought he’d manage to get away, but his decision-making skills were possibly impaired by the fact that he had reportedly just eaten two lobsters, a baby octopus, 17 oyster and vodka shots, and several Coronas.

“Oh God, by himself?” said Magistrate Joan White during Peck’s court hearing, when she heard how much he’d eaten.


Peck has been released on bail and scheduled to reappear in court in May 4.