Australian Company Offers Free Beer to Job Applicants

The company is so in need of electricians that they're offering a free year of beer

Well, this is a company that's certainly trying to win its employees. An Australian electric company is trying to lure in skilled technicians with an unusual perk: a year of free beer. 

You read that right, a full year. Why the monstrous perk? The company desperately needs electricians in the town of Moree (in the Australian outback), where they are scarce. Eric Scott Electrical and Air Conditioning Services is looking to hire two or three new employees, with advertisements in local papers advertising a free carton of beer per week. Said Eric Scott to Perth Now, "Most blokes like a beer so we thought we could turn it and use it in our favor as a hook."

No word yet whether they've actually gotten some good applicants (or what kind of beer they'll be paying up for). The job's payrate ranges from $21 to $53 per hour. We can't imagine this kind of ad in the United States, but it just might work.