Restaurant Tracks Down Dine-and-Dashers with Facebook

A restaurant’s viral Facebook post caught some non-paying customers

A young French couple tried to dine and dash at an Australia restaurant, but the owner caught them with a viral Facebook post.

A French couple thought they’d pulled off the perfect heist this week when they tricked a restaurant into letting them walk out without paying, but got their comeuppance when the restaurant managed to track them down with a viral Facebook post.

According to The Mirror, a young French couple reportedly had dinner at Mojo’s Restaurant in Bunbury, Australia, on Thursday and ran up a bill of about $180 on food and drinks. Then they allegedly went out for a cigarette, making a big show for the restaurant staff about how they were leaving their wallets behind and would come back. They never came back, though, and when the restaurant staff checked the table they found that the wallet was empty and had been embossed with the phrase, “Bad Motherf***er,” from Pulp Fiction.

The couple got away, but restaurant owner Noel Burning had footage of the pair from area security cameras and posted their picture on Mojo’s Facebook page. The photo wound up going viral and was seen thousands of times by local residents, including the man who was employing the couple to work on his farm. The farmer reportedly fired the duo and told them to go back and pay the restaurant, which they did.


Burning said the couple looked extremely embarrassed when they showed up to pay their bill, and said he would not be pressing criminal charges on the grounds that they’d already been punished enough by social media.