Austin's Top Five Indulgent Dishes

5. Pork Belly Sliders at The Odd Duck Farm to Trailer. Several pieces of grilled pork belly on a fresh grilled bun with arugula, tomato and topped with a dill pickle. Heaven on a bun. 

4. The Deep Fried Avocado Taco at Izzoz Tacos. If you have never had a deep fried avocado, you are depriving yourself. A perfect, cut-to-order avocado dipped in a freshly made tempura batter and deep-fried to buttery perfection. Yeah, you know you want one. 

3. The Chocolate Cake Shake at Holy Cacao. A large piece of chocolate cake gets placed ever-so-carefully in a blender, then manhandled with a plunger. Add chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk to the equation, and you have one seriously rich, decadent shake.

2. The Chicken Burgundy Crepe at Crepes Mille. Expertly cooked chicken burgundy stuffed lovingly in a tender fresh crêpe. If there is food in heaven, this is on the menu.

1. The Porkey's Doughnut at Gourdough's. Imagine a delectable, fried to order doughnut spread liberally with cream cheese, then graced with a sweet and spicy jalapeño jelly and finished with pieces of grilled Canadian bacon. There is nothing more indulgent than this.