Auntie Anne’s in Japan Stuffs Pretzels with Matcha and Cheesecake

Auntie Anne’s stores in Japan have a new matcha cheesecake flavor for spring
Auntie Anne's matcha cheesecake pretzels

Auntie Anne's Japan

Auntie Anne's in Japan has rolled out some new pretzel sticks stuffed with matcha and cheesecake.

Soft pretzels go well with things like mustard or cinnamon and sugar, but in Japan, the  Auntie Anne’s soft pretzel chain has been experimenting with some unconventional pretzels, and they look pretty amazing.

According to Rocket News 24, Auntie Anne’s newest limited-edition flavor is a matcha cheesecake pretzel stick. It is a stick, not a knot, of pretzel dough that is stuffed with a layer of matcha green tea cream and a layer of cheesecake. The whole thing is topped with a layer of crushed almonds.

The new snacks might be stretching the definition of “pretzel” a bit, but they look pretty interesting. Unfortunately, as yet they’re only being offered in Japan.

Auntie Anne’s units in Japan also have a limited-edition frozen matcha dessert drink to go along with the pretzel sticks, and a matcha latte that’s a regular menu item.