Doughnut-Bearing Thief Steals Cafe Tip Jar

A man in pajamas was seen stealing the baristas’ tips

A thief was caught on camera stealing tips from the barista who had just served him.

Stealing tips from the barista serving you is very uncool, and one such thief was caught on camera robbing the very server who made him his coffee.

According to Gothamist, on Monday a man wearing star-print pajama pants and carrying a Dunkin’ Donuts bag walked into Brooklyn cafe Audrey’s Concerto and ordered a coffee beverage. While the server turned to prepare his order, the man allegedly reached out and stole the cafe’s business card holder. Then he grabbed the tip jar and shoved it in the Dunkin’ bag.


The barista did not see the crime take place, but the other customers later told him what had just happened. The cafe’s security footage showed the whole thing take place, including a strange moment when the barista came back with the man’s beverage and the man paid and then offered him a doughnut from the Dunkin’ bag. Maybe he felt guilty for having just stolen the barista’s tips. Owner Audrey Mak estimates the alleged thief stole about $20 in tips.