Auchentoshan 18 Year is an Inspiring Scotch

Reviewing a coppery, beautiful Scotch whisky

The Auchentoshan 18-year-old single malt scotch is triple-distilled, which is the house style of this distillery.

Auchentoshan is the closest distillery to the city of Glasgow. It was founded in 1823 and to this day uses the same time-honored methodology they always have. The standard range of Whisky’s includes four distinct releases. They augment that with some smaller production limited offerings as well. I have tasted each of the selections in their normal range and they maintain a connective tissue that binds them all together yet each has its own characteristics which set it apart. Here’s a look at their 18-year-old.

The Auchentoshan 18-year-old single malt scotch is triple-distilled, which is the house style of this distillery. Aging occurred over more than 18 years in American Bourbon Casks. When you pour this scotch, the coppery hue provides an immediate visual delight. Toasted hazelnut aromas leap from the glass along with bits of leather and apricot. From the first sip through the very last, the palate reveals a freshness that awakens your senses and beckons you to keep drinking it. Wisps of honey are joined by flavors of lightly toasted barley and citrus zest. There is a duality here in that the palate is light and smooth; however, the flavors have a gentle depth and complexity that reward careful consideration. Bits of yeast appear on the long, persistent, and layered finish along with a hint of orange zest and white pepper spice.

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The Auchentoshan is an impressive single malt scotch on several counts. It’s well priced with a suggested retail of $110, putting it a little lower than others of similar quality. And as mentioned, the combination of a light palate, and the gentle depth and precision makes it a knockout scotch that you’ll want to consider time and again. Auchentoshan makes a lovely range of whiskys, but this 18-year-old just may be the best of the entire bunch. It has the taste profile and intricacy to indicate a special occasion, but the price doesn’t make it prohibitive a little more often than that. If you’re a whisky lover who isn’t familiar with Auchentoshan, this would be a lovely place to start.