Attention All Chocolate Lovers: Belize Is Calling

Mast Brothers Chocolate hosts the ultimate weeklong chocolate getaway in Belize

There is any number of reasons at any given time to book a trip to Belize. But right now, there is an amazing, totally irresistible, mouthwatering, and desperate reason to book a trip to Belize for April 14 to 21 — namely, the Mast Brothers Chocolate Week in Belize. (It is the kind of trip that makes people stop and say, "Are you kidding me?")

Mast Brothers Chocolate is a Brooklyn-based chocolate company that produces high-quality dark chocolates mixed with delicious flavorings like dried cranberries, almonds and sea salt, and pecan maple in cool, delicately illustrated packaging.

The company is fond of hosting special events, tastings, and factory tours, but this Belize trip takes things to the next level. This trip will do more than satisfy chocolate cravings — it also includes

activities like farm tours followed by great dinners, and kayaking followed by snorkeling, horseback riding, and tours of Mayan ruins. People who can organize a week this fantastic are sure to make great travel buddies, too.

 Go ahead and put in that request for time off sooner rather than later.

Some fine print:

The week is hosted at Cotton Tree Lodge, and prices range from: a deluxe cabana for $1676.50, the honeymoon cabana at $1781.50, a two-bedroom cabana for $2026.50, and kids under 12 can stay in a cabana with two adults for $525. The prices include luxe accommodations, three meals per day, airport transfers, and all the chocolate-y activities like chocolate making workshops, as well as outdoor fun like horseback riding and nature walks. Flights to and from, and booze, are additional costs. More details are available by e-mailing