Athletes' Food Tweets

Trevor Booker, power forward for the Washington Wizards, loves cashews. Baltimore Orioles pitcher Zach Britton thinks that Apple Jacks are the "best cereal known to man!" And Cowboys wide receiver "Fast" Teddy Williams loves him some RO*TEL nachos.

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Ah, the modern age. Social media. Twitter. Facebook. Everything about everyone's lives is just sitting out there, ready for the picking. And if you cycle through some of the sports stars listed on the web site Tweeting Athletes, you can find out more about the culinary cravings of football, baseball, and basketball players than you ever dreamed (and at times ever wanted — thank you Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, Jarrod Parker, we were all dying to know about the sunflower seed in your poo).

But it's not just the daily details of meals eaten between games on the road (and in the case of more than a few NBA players, overseas — anyone else jealous of Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Chris Douglas-Roberts being "in Italy eating Tagliatelle Bolognese" and drinking peach juice?). You may be surprised to know the level of culinary devotion and food shenanigans some stars get involved in. For instance, from the sound of one recent tweet, Fast Teddy, a self-described "fat man trapped inside an athletes body," won't let anything get in the way of his doughnuts.

And if you believe Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Daniel Hudson, Fast Terry isn't the only doughnut fiend in pro sports. Problem is, Hudson's teammate third baseman Geoff Blum has his own singular approach to eating doughnuts:

There's more: restaurant recommendations, product endorsements, athletes' unexpected sensitive sides (Andy Roddick, get your manhood back, Venus Williams eating a rib eye sounds like she has more testosterone than you do deliberating whether or not to watch the last few games of the baseball season). Check out the slideshow for these and more athlete food tweets.