Asparamancer Predicts the Future with Asparagus

She tosses it onto a sheet and reads where the stalks fall

Photo Modified: Flickr/liz west/CC BY 2.0

What does the asparagus you drop say about you?

Well, this is just weird — this lady claims that asparagus can tell her the future.

Her name, according to the description, is Jemima Packington, a 56-year-old woman who claims to be the world’s only Asparamancer.

Packington tosses asparagus into the air, reads where they fall, and comes up with what she claims are "very accurate" predictions about sporting events, politics, the economy, and of course, the Oscars (the description says she predicted The King’s Speech Oscar win, although we could’ve told you that).

Watch her predict the weather below. "We’re not going to have a hard time with frost and snow, but we will have a very windy time," she says (people of England, please tell us if she's correct). Now, is this any stranger than reading tea leaves and coffee grounds?


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