Ask A Tampa Bay Expert: Easy Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Keeping kids busy while nurturing their creativity is not always easy for busy parents. However, arts and crafts expert Stacy Garrett believes craft projects are a great way to achieve both on an affordable budget. According to Garrett, craft projects are "really cheap and lots of fun. All ages from 3-years-old and up can do it."

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Stacy Garrett has been helping kids turn craft items into childhood memories for 15 years. Garrett shares her experience and creative guidance in crafting classes held every Saturday at Michaels, from 10 a.m. to noon. Below, you'll find some of Garrett's favorite easy craft projects for kids.

Wooden Letters

One of the most popular easy crafts is customizing wooden letters. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily painted in your child's favorite colors. Personalized wooden letters can be used to decorate the walls in a child's room or in scrapbook and other artistic projects. There are really no limits on the creative ways to utilize this fun and easy project.


Paper crafts are among the easiest and most affordable projects for kids. Scrapbook paper can be cut into different sizes and shapes, or used as decorations for photo albums. Wooden letters can be added to these projects for a truly personalized craft.

Bird Houses

Just about everyone can appreciate the artistic elements of a colorful birdhouse. Painting your own ready-made wooden one is a great way to merge creativity and educate your kids about nature and the beautiful creatures that soar across our skies. When your birdhouse is finished, you can hang it in a tree or on a post outside your home and enjoy watching the birds it attracts.

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Decorating T-Shirts

For a really creative project that is also wearable, decorating T-shirts is a great arts and crafts project. Puff paint, sparkles and every color imaginable can be arranged any way your child wants for the ultimate in artistic expression on clothing. Decorated T-shirts are washable, so kids can show off their painting talents every time they put them on.

3-D Canvas Painting

Puff paint takes art to the next level because it expands as it dries, creating a three-dimensional effect. When used on canvas, things like tree trunks and flowers puff up for accents in both color and texture. Canvases are available in a wide rages of sizes, so kids can start out with smaller projects while exploring their skills. Like other craft projects, painting on canvas is a fun way to expand a child's creativity and create fond memories of family time.

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