Ask A Seattle Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts

Ask A Seattle Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts
Choosing the right hostess gift is oh-so-important, as you want the hostess of the party you are attending to feel much more than appreciated. Simple hostess gifts are, of course, nice, but choosing something unique, and possibly even one-of-a-kind, would show your hostess that you put a great deal of thought into your gift. Made In Washington Stores President Mike Mondello recently shared his top five tips on choosing a hostess gift that will not only show your appreciation, but that your hostess will take notice of and love.

Mike Mondello, President
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Founded in 1984 by local couple Gillian and Jack Mathews at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Made In Washington is proud to be celebrating 30 years of being in business. Made in Washington is known for working with a number of talented, local Washington artists, small businesses, entrepreneurs and foodies so that the company can offer unique and exceptional gifts that celebrate the very best of Washington State.

Share A Gift With A Story

Gifts for the home, such as candles, small platters or small glass pieces, are always nice. When you can share the story behind the gifts you’re giving, it makes them all the more special. One example of a pretty hostess gift would be a glass heart paperweight. Then, when you include information about the artist, what inspires him or her and how and where they perform their trade, the gift and the story behind it becomes far more interesting. So, it’s always wonderful to share the story!

Share A Local Gift

The state of Washington has so many creative, talented artists, innovative entrepreneurs and small, unique businesses. From a creative perspective, each one offers something different. The variety of gifts you can find from Washington-based companies include one-of-a-kind blown glass pieces, hand-painted pottery, wines, specialty coffees, chocolates, gourmet foods, smoked salmon, handmade jewelry, gifts for the home or garden and so much more. Literally thousands of creative gifts are available that your hostess will appreciate, and all of them are made right here in Washington.

Create A Theme

Don’t just give a gift to your hostess. Instead, expand on the type of gift the hostess loves and create a themed gift that includes several items that stay within that particular theme. For example, if they love wine or consider themselves a wine connoisseur, then don’t just buy them their favorite bottle of wine. Try combining a bottle of their favorite wine with locally-made wine charms, a couple of wine-themed coasters, a wine-themed towel and any other add-ons you can find that stay within the wine-related theme.

Celebrate With Color

Bland gifts are never fun or exciting, so always spice up the gift you are giving to your hostess with some color. For example, instead of just giving a box of chocolates, like anyone could do, consider adding color combinations of chocolate truffles that tie into your hostess’ favorite color, sports team or perhaps their college colors. You can then present it to them in a lovely gift bag with a bow that features the same colors. If you would prefer to give this type of hostess gift and tie in another higher-end gift that will last for years to come, consider putting the truffles into a hand-blown glass floppy bowl that features their favorite color.

Wrap Your Gift In A Gift

Give more than one gift to your hostess by wrapping the primary gift within another gift. An example would be wrapping specialty, handmade soaps in a tea towel, instead of presenting them in a simple gift bag. Another idea would be to give a box of candy, such as salted caramels, and attach them with a pretty bow to a simple-fused candy tray, perhaps made of hand-blown glass, instead of giving the outdated gift basket.

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