Ask A Chicago Expert: Easy Crafts To Do With Your Kids

The Wishcraft Workshop is a studio in Chicago where young individuals are allowed and encouraged to express their creative side through camps, art classes, craft workshops, birthday parties, sewing lessons and after-school programs. Candice Blansett-Cummins is founder of the the Wishcraft Workshop, Wishcraft Works, Web Candy in Chicago and writer of the Grow Artists blog. Candice presents five quick, affordable, totally adorable back-to-school crafts from the crafty at Wishcraft Workshop.

back to school crafts Ask A Chicago Expert: Easy Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Pencil Filler, Apple Pocket and School Bus Bookmark (Courtesy of Candice Blansett-Cummins)

Candice Blansett-Cummins
Wishcraft Workshop
3907 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 348-9474

Candice Blansett-Cummins uses her talent and creativity to aid others in solving problems and creating opportunities big and small, as well as globally and locally. Candice is a parent, teacher, artist, thinker and concerned global citizen. She believes that although business is serious, sometimes it takes serious fun to get the job done. Read more about this extraordinary woman and the great work she does in the community by visiting the Wishcraft Workshop website.

Apple Pocket

Stash your little goodies in a felt pocket (bonus points for using felt made from recycled water bottles). Cut two identical shapes from the felt, decorate one or both sides and use Tacky Glue or hot glue* to hold the pieces together (don't forget to leave an opening at the top). Add a loop and a key ring and now you've got a backpack charm that earns extra credit. *Always ask a grown-up's permission before using hot glue.

Pencil Filler

With just a piece of filler paper and packing tape, you can make a pencil case. Add a handwritten message on the paper, cover the paper entirely with packing tape (both sides for extra strength), fold it up and seal the edges with more tape. Print a to-scale paper ruler to use as a loop to hold the flap closed. Pencil case shut!

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Book Bus

Ride your way to adventure and knowledge with a silly school bus bookmark. On heavy paper or cardstock, draw and color a really long school bus or print multiple copies of a school bus picture and tape them together to make an usually long bus. Feeling like going the distance? Cover a bookmark-size rectangle of cardboard with foil (tape it down to keep it sealed) and use permanent markers to make an El train.

Washi Water Bottle

How many water bottles are misplaced at your house? Take a plain reusable water bottle and make it your own with washi tape. Tape got yucky? Pull it off and make a new design.

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