The Art Of The Craft Cocktail

Paying thirteen dollars for a cocktail doesn't really shock people any more. You can thank the flourishing craft cocktail movement and the fine folks behind some of the country's best bars for that. No, really, thank them.

No one is saying $13 isn't a lot of money for a drink — it is. But in return you're gifted with a cocktail that is thoughtfully designed and impeccably well-balanced, featuring the freshest ingredients, finest spirits, and likely some kind of homemade tincture or infusion. And, equally important, it's served by people with a genuine love and respect for their craft in a setting that truly heightens the enjoyment of the experience. 

To better illustrate the point, we present's just-launched video, Behind the Drink: The $13 Cocktail, the first in what will be a series of short films covering the universe of cocktails and spirits. It offers unique, behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making the drinks at San Francisco's highly acclaimed Bourbon & Branch — a bar where (pun intended) the bar is set a lot higher.