Around The World In 15 Beers

For many a beer fan out there, the world of beer offers endless exploration and discovery.

Around the World in 15 Beers (Slideshow)

We all know that the cost of beer varies from country to country. In some places, beer is about as cheap as (if not cheaper than) a bottle of water, while in other countries it can run as high as $7 a bottle.

The types of beer people love in each country also vary wildly. Yes, there are local preferences for lagers, IPAs, and ales. But beyond those categories, there are specific beers around the world that are representative of a particular country; national brands that are both loved by natives and happily discovered by intrepid travelers eager to taste the local brew.

At tailgates across America, you are likely to find piles of Bud Light cans on ice (or crushed after several rounds of shotgunning). So which brands are you are likely to encounter if you are spending the fall in Europe (Oktoberfest, anyone?), or chasing summer by heading down to Australia? What beer should you order in Brazil, Argentina, or Belize if you're trying to look like a local?

The Daily Meal has put together a list of favorite local beers from different countries around the world. These are not necessarily the most delicious suds you'll ever sample, but they are national brands. Some have made their way into mainstream American menus, but there are others that you're unlikely to find outside of these particular countries. So add these beers to your bucket list (or just order a bucket of beers), and sample the local brands wherever you travel next. 

Australia: Victoria Bitter

Foster's may be Australia's most internationally recognized beer, but the truth is you'd rarely come across the stuff down under. One of the best-selling beers in Australia is a lager called Victoria Bitters, otherwise known as VB or playfully referred to as the "green death" in reference to both its green can and its acquired taste. Pure Blonde is another favorite, but get through a Victoria Bitter and you deserve a pat on the back.

Argentina: Quilmes

The Quilmes brewery was originally founded by a German immigrant in 1888 in the Quilmes province of Buenos Aires. This nationally recognized beer is easily the top choice for Argentineans and is also very popular among travelers to the country. Quilmes makes reds, stouts, and bocks, but the lager is the favored style. Just like the country's beloved soccer team, the Quilmes label is blue and white. 

Alexandra E. Petri is the travel editor at The Daily Meal. You can follow her on Twitter @writewayaround.

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