Are You a Drunken Genius?

Let's break down the science: the connection between intelligence and adult alcohol consumption

The question is no longer "are you smarter than a fifth grader?"; it's "are you smarter than a drunk?" The answer: probably not. 

Hear us out: The good people at Best Master's Degrees have broken down numerous studies and determined that socioeconomic factors (race, ethnicity, parental status, marital status, etc.) aside, your intelligence at 16 may determine how much you drink as an adult. Turns out, if you're a bonafide genius with an IQ greather than 125, you're getting buzzed or drunk four times as much as a "very dull" person with an IQ lower than 75. But the real problem is that the "very bright" also binge drink three times more than the "very dull." And perhaps unsurprisingly, those with some college education tend to be heavier binge drinkers than the general population.

You might be surprised what you learn about intellingence and drinking; check out the infographic from Best Master's Degrees below. 


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Source: Drunken Geniuses: Sharp as a Tack, Drunk as a Skunk