Are You Man Enough To Eat One Of These Burgers?

For some reason, when restaurants load their burgers up with big beef patties, piles of bacon, and smother them in an exorbitant amount of cheese, they are dubbed as "manly burgers." While we prefer to look at them as "delicious heart attacks in the making," regardless of what you call these burgers one thing is for certain: they are extremely intense looking.

New York's Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger

This huge burger is comprised of dry-aged cuts of angus beef, caramelized onions and comes with some heavy pomme frites.

6 Manly Burgers


The Stock and Barrel's Big Nastyin Knoxville, Tennessee 

Double Meat. Double Bacon. Double Cheddar Cheese. This monster burger is topped with garlic aioli, fried onion straws, tomato jam, and mayo.



DMK Burger Bar's The DMK Burger in Chicago

A triple decker burger topped with special sauce is a colossus of a burger to bite into!

6 Manly Burgers

(Flickr/Clint McMahon/CC4.0)

 23rd Street Brewery's Manly Stanley in Lawrence, Kansas

A Godzilla style, double patty, burger with Swiss, Cheddar, bacon, egg, fried pickle, Onion ring and wing sauce is pretty much a three course meal in one bite.

6 Manly Burgers

(23rd  Street Brewery)

Moo Gourmet Burgers' Deluxe Moo Burger in Australia

This double patty Wagyu beef burger is loaded with Cheddar cheese, thick cut mozzarella, free range bacon, free range egg, grilled onions, pineapple, beetroot, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, homemade mayonnaise, and tomato relish. We are full just reading all of that.

(Flickr/ Littleyiye/CC4.0)

Umami Burger's Manly Burge in Los Angeles

And perhaps the "manliest" of them all is the Manly Burger at Umami. It is a big beef patty cooked to order with beer-cheddar, bacon lardons, smoked-salt onion strings with Umami house ketchup and mustard spread.


(Photo: Flickr/Richard/CC4.0)