Are These the World's Most Admired Food/Beverage Companies?


Starbucks is the most beloved brand in the food and beverage industry (at least according to Fortune Magazine).

Fortune Magazine just came out with their “most admired companies in the world” list, and plenty of recognizable food and beverage brands made the cut; eight, including Starbucks, Coca Cola and Whole Foods made the top 50. Here’s what Fortune had to say about these well-recognized names.

#42 PepsiCo Pepsi is still one of the most beloved American brands, but it lags far behind Coke in popularity.

#37 Unilever With an army of well-known brands under its belt like Ben and Jerry’s, Ragu, and Klondike, it’s no wonder Unilever made the list.

#31 Nestlé As the company that makes some of our favorite food products from chocolate to cereal, this Swiss company takes the number one food product spot.

#22 McDonald's No surprise at this fast food giant’s spot on the list, just behind Starbucks in food services. The Golden Arches is especially known lately for its international influence.

#20 Whole Foods As a company that’s known for “having a heart,” Whole Foods is environmentally-conscious and will be labelling all GMO’s by 2018.

#12 Costco It’s the brand that doesn’t forget the little people. Fortune recognized Costco for its average paycheck of over $20/hour for employees.

#6 Coca-Cola Fortune commended this soda giant for remaining the relevant and popular “All-American” brand it’s always been, despite recent crackdown on sugary drinks.

#5 Starbucks For the second year in a row, Starbucks was the number one choice of the food and beverage industry, due in part to the buzz around their seasonal drinks, like pumpkin spice lattes.

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