Are These Texas’ 6 Best Breakfast Burrito Joints?

A day without a breakfast burrito in Texas is no day at all

A burrito is like sunshine wrapped up into something delicious.

We all love our Tex-Mex, and a breakfast burrito is one of the best ways to start any day of the week.

Super Burrito

Photo Credit: Yelp/Ryan P

The most expensive breakfast burrito on the menu is $4.29; not bad to get a good morning fill and start your day off right. The Champ burrito sounds like a breakfast fit for champions.

La Cocina de Consuelo

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This Mexican joint offers a breakfast burrito that lets you choose any three ingredients, from eggs to beef chorizo to machacado.

Taco N’ Madre

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This Tex-Mex food truck is where you can create the breakfast burrito of your dreams with unlimited additions, all for $5.

El Primo

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Ordering a breakfast burrito from El Primo sounds like ordering a breakfast burrito from the heavens. An extra-large breakfast burrito for $6 is sure to fill you for days.


Photo Credit: Changos

At Changos, the burritos will run you just $4 and will be filled with eggs, beans, cheese, and salsa aplenty.


Photo Credit: Habaneros

10 Best Burritos in America

Head to one of Habaneros’ two locations. There are six burrito favorites at this joint, including “Cheezy Beef,” but if you are feeling adventurous, then go ahead and build your own burrito.