Proof That Pies Really Are the Next Big Thing

Staff Writer
The humble dessert replaces frilly cupcakes, according to our readers

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

It looks like the cupcake's reign as dessert trend king is almost over (finally!).

We recently polled our readers to find out what their favorite dessert trend is, and 57 percent of voters chose pie. Cupcakes received less than half that amount (24 percent), doughnuts garnered 13 percent, and whoopie pies came in last with five percent.

Where did all this love come from? To start, cupcakes have been out of fashion for a while. Plenty of bloggers have been raging against the regime, calling the dessert out for being too dry and too done up with icing and cuteness.

Not only is pie more modest, but it's also the hearty all-American dessert that goes well with autumn. But will the trend be as annoying as cupcakes? Cookbook author Matt Lewis thinks not, saying to Eater, "Cupcakes can forever be the tabloid Lindsay/Britney/Paris and pies will be the classier Aretha/Stevie/Joanie."

He makes a good point, since pies don't have the same fluffy appeal as cupcakes. Then again, tartlets might take care of that.

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