Are Food Companies Secretly Cutting Out GMOs?

Companies like Ben and Jerry’s are excluding products that include GMOs

(Photo: flickr/Qfamily/CC4.0)

Companies Drop GMOs

Ben and Jerry’s recently canceled one of its bestselling flavors, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch because, according to CEO Jerry Solheim. the company had to remove the key ingredient, Heath Bars. The Vermont-based ice cream company ultimately made the change because Hershey makes Heath Bars with genetically modified ingredients, and the ice cream company has recently vowed to cut out GMOs from their products.

Ben and Jerry’s is not the only company cutting out GMOs. General Mills’ plain Cheerios are now GMO-free, and Post has also cut out genetically modified ingredients from some of their cereals, such as Grape Nuts. And it’s not just food companies.; about 80 of the store-brand products sold bymegastore Target are also certified GMO free.


Ben and Jerry’s has been very vocal on their GMO-free policy, and founder Jerry Greenfield recently launched a campaign to support Vermont’s GMO labeling law.