The Arden Theatre Company Presents Great Expectations from October to December


Running through December 14, Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia is putting on Great Expectations based on Charles Dickens’ classic coming of age novel. While most know the basic premise of the story, for those who don’t, the literary tale tells of orphan Pip who finds his life changed after one act of generosity.

Following the small gesture and a new inheritance, unexpected changes begin to take place and Pip begins to encounter a variety of people from all walks of life such as an escaped convict and the creepily eccentric Miss Havisham. Struggling to find happiness, love and transitioning from poverty to upperclass status, Pip’s story is filled with multiple plots and surprising twists and turns.

Directed by Matthew Decker and featuring only six actors playing 40 characters, the play is based on the adaptation by Gale Childs Daly. The single set will be the backdrop for 30 different storyline locations while actors quickly become a new character by a simple outfit change or shifts in body language.

Great Expectations, which opened on Thursday, October 23, will continue through December and tickets start at $36 per person.