April Fool's Day Cocktail

Pranskter Tom Collins is at it again

It's a perfect day for a Tom Collins.

Let me paint you a picture. A tall, frosted Collins glass graces your end table as you sit out on the wrought iron-fenced patio letting the warm March/April sun shine down and caress your winter skin. Fizzy bubbles spiral up to the surface of your glass, gently popping as they make contact with the air. 

At first sip, you are greeted with the lightly sweet tang of lemon. As the effervescent spritz starts to relax, your mouth is filled with that gently juniper taste of your old friend gin. You finish with a lightly sighed "aahh" as you bring the glass back to its respective place next to you and gaze back out on the beautiful day.

Yes, the weather has been superb and yes, the Tom Collins is a particularly thirst-quenching drink, but neither of these is the reason for why you should stir one up in the upcoming week. 

So why, if not for the weather, is this famed cocktail so specifically perfect for this week?