Apple's 18 Karat Solid Gold Watch Edition Estimated to Cost Around $5,000


Maybe we saw Goldfinger one too many times as a kid, but we love gold. That perfect metallic sheen that screams luxury is one of our favorite materials; be it designer jewelry or gold iPhones, we will never say no to the glistening reflection of that yellow metal. So when we heard that Apple’s new Watch Edition came in a gold version for all of those with a Midas addiction, we knew we had to have it. As one of the most anticipated wearables in the world, it only makes sense that we pick up the Watch we actually want to wear—and, sorry, but it’s not the black, rubber Watch Sport.

While the Watch collections have not been officially priced (aside from the most basic with a starting point of $349), nor have we been given all the details on its stats, Apple has reported Edition Watch will be available in a 18 karat yellow or rose casing and experts are estimating the starting price to be around $5,000. Does that deter us from wanting one? Of course not, but it does bring up some interesting points. The metal alone could conceivably cost around $2,000, but as far as internal components go it’s hard to say what the Watch will or will not be capable of as of yet. So whether or not it’s actually worth the price tag is up for debate.

For those more familiar with the world of traditional horology, $5,000 might be better spent on a mid-level Breitling watch or invested into a long-coveted Patek Philippe, but neither will update your Twitter or give you directions to the nearest happy hour. So it’s really a matter of personal preference. We have yet to see an official release from Apple and until we know more about the Watch’s capabilities and price point, we’re trying to hold off on making a decision—we’re pretty sure we’re going to go with the watch that can keep us updated on Instagram though.