Applebee's Shark Bowl Drink Comes Complete With A Gummy Shark

Diners at Applebee's might think Shark Week has come early. The restaurant's new Shark Bowl drink comes complete with a gummy shark, splashing his way through the icy, slushy blue drink.

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"The shark that you'll swim towards," Applebee's boasted in a Facebook post. "Our new Shark Bowl served Mucho is mixed with Captain Morgan and topped with a gummy shark."

The drink itself is a 12-ounce frozen beverage that mixes tropical-fruit flavors with Captain Morgan spiced rum. It's priced at about $7.50, an Applebee's representative told The Daily Meal in an email, and is sold only at participating locations. The drink is said to be "served Mucho," where "Mucho" refers to the large Applebee's signature goblet in which it's served.

But does the shark-themed drink have bite? One review on Applebee's Facebook post was kind of mixed. "My boyfriend got this today and it tastes just like a slushy, it's delicious," wrote Lashona Mcauley. "I mean, there's not even that much alcohol in it of course, and the gummy shark is not very good, but the drink itself is pretty good."

If you're looking for another reason to hit Applebee's, the restaurant chain is selling Captain Morgan and cola cocktails for $2 all month. And while you're there, check out the healthiest menu items at Applebee's.