Applebee's Opens Its Greenest Restaurant Yet In New York City


Applebee's isn't the first restaurant that comes to mind when we think of "going green" (not exactly sure who holds that title, actually), but they're one step closer to claiming the title.

Earlier this week, the 35th Applebee's in the New York Metropolitan Area opened its doors on 117th Street near the East River, and police commissioner Ray Kelly, football player/TV personality Tiki Barber, and health guru Dr. Mehmet Oz were on hand to help cut the ribbon.

This outpost of the increasingly ubiquitous casual chain cost $4 million to build, with all the extra greenness tacking on an extra $1 million to the final bill (most branches cost only $3 million). So what eco-friendly advancements are in place? "Rooftop rainwater harvesting, LED lights, energy-efficient appliances that use 1/3 less gas, and two 'waterless' urinals to save about 40,000 gallons of water a year," via our article from earlier this month. The roof has also been painted white to help keep heat down during the summer.