Apple Will Build a Private Restaurant to Prevent Leaks

Apple is developing an off-campus restaurant for employees

Apple's Headquarters

Apple received approval from the Cupertino Planning Commission this week for their plans to build a private, off-campus restaurant for their employees to dine in without having to worry about members of the public overhearing their conversations. Paranoid? Perhaps, but Apple is known for taking the extra mile to ensure the security of their products and employees.

According to Apple's director of real estate facilities, creating a private dining space where employees can talk freely is particularly important because Cupertino, Calif. (where Apple's Infinite Loop headquarters is located) is the home to a handful of the corporation's competitors.

The plans show the new restaurant will measure an estimated 21,468 square-feet, and the location is only a short walk from the main campus. Currently, visitors are allowed to dine at Apple's on-site restaurant, Caffe Mac, but the new space will only allow staff members.