Apple #Bendgate: No, That’s Not an iPhone 6 Plus Feature

Apple #Bendgate: No, That’s Not an iPhone 6 Plus Feature

We were just as jazzed as the next person to hear Apple announce the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch, but it looks like the Apple 6 Plus couldn't handle the pressure (literally). Several new reports are making it clear that Apple might have skimped on everyday wear-and-tear testing with their super skinny new release. Apparently, many of the lucky fans to have already picked up the new smartphone are pulling it out of their pockets to find the frame bent.

We get that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are made of aluminum and we like that it makes them lighter, but warped phones just aren’t our thing. Don’t believe the oh-so-superior iPhones are so susceptible to distorting? Unbox Therapy, a site that makes videos covering electronics and technology products, created a video showing just how prone the iPhone 6 is to bending (which you can see above). And in case you want to throw out the susceptibility of any large phone buckling under the pressure, they also made another video trying to bend some of Apple’s rivals, with no success.

So far, Apple has yet to comment, but we're wondering if these reports will this stop people from upgrading.