Apparently, #Shamrocking Is a Thing Now

The Internet trend involves the iconic McDonald's shake and dancing a jig

What do you get when you combine the moves of an Irish jig with McDonald's cult favorite Shamrock Shake? Apparently, the fast-growing Internet meme known as #Shamrocking.

As with the St. Patrick's Day tradition of dyeing beer green, the origins of this blossoming trend are a little mysterious. But given how obsessive folks are about the seasonal fast-food shake, it's not that impossible to imagine that some fan, so filled with excitement over its return, was inspired to express that joy with an impromptu jig — right?

Or maybe this was all a big, guerilla-marketing promotional stunt started by McDonald's.

Regardless, it's spawned a rash of rather amusing photo ops, which BuzzFeed has been kind enough to round up for your viewing pleasure. (And just imagine the money-shot you'd likely get if you tried this with a spiked Shamrock Shake.)