App Helps Travelers Eat Healthy Abroad

Eat Well Global hopes to make navigating the nutritional value of foreign foods a bit easier with its Eat Well app which debuted Thursday at the Israeli Nutrition Week Conference.

The country guide apps are designed for travelers to stay healthy and manage their weight while traveling abroad. The apps for Eat Well Israel, China, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Venezuela are like having a "nutritionist in your pocket," according to Eat Well Global.

"Eating well is critical for maintaining energy and staying focused," said Eat Well Global founder Julie Meyer, RD. "But often travelers don't know how to eat well in a new country and can fall off a healthy eating plan. Our apps fill this need with insights from local registered dietitians to help you find healthy and energizing foods that are also authentic to the region."

The Eat Well apps include information on how to eat well, where to find healthy eats, and where to eat well if you have special dietary needs. To help travelers eat well, the Eat Well app presents a health snapshot of the host country, including market tours, food safety information, and typical dishes.

The Eat Well guide includes nutritionist-approved listings in each city, including restaurants, markets, delivery services, and cooking schools. The Eating Well app also shows diners where to find low fat, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free options and how to order them or avoid them in the local language.

The Eating Well app also includes recipes by local chefs so users can continue their culinary journey long after the trip is over.

Eat Well Global country guides are available in iTunes and Android stores for $2.99.