Anthony Bourdain's 'Munchies' Show Confirms He Doesn't Cook

In the latest episode of Vice's Munchies (previous stars include Christina Tosi and Michael White), Anthony Bourdain gets the spotlight and confirms everything we thought about No Reservations to be true.

In this in-depth look, Vice follows Bourdain around New York while he eats, drinks, and makes inside jokes about show production. We get gems like, "Were [people on the show] uncomfortable? Who cares? I wallowed in their discomfort," and, "In order to be on this show, if you want this shot you take this shot."

Then, Bourdain heads over to his old cooking home Brasserie Les Halles in Gramercy, chatting it up with the chefs, cooking some meats, and confirming that he doesn't get to cook much anymore. "I don't miss standing in a kitchen for 16 hours a day," he said. Considering the video, it looks like his current gig isn't half-bad. Any more spots on the Bourdain team?

Watch below for the full 15-minute episode. Some language NSFW.