Anthony Bourdain Spills On Eric Ripert's Secret 'Trashy Taste'

Eric Ripert's On The Table can't seem to get enough of Anthony Bourdain. Yesterday they released an outtake of Bourdain's interview on the Reserve Channel's online show, and really, it's just Bourdain spilling all of Ripert's secrets.

"I'm supposed to be the prick on Top Chef and he's the one sending home the sweet lovable Tiffany Derry for no good reason I can see... just want to underline that it was his fault. His fault. I thought she should stay," he says.

"Like most chefs, there's a part of him that has trashy tastes," Bourdain shares. "You think he's cooking up refined seafood dishes Chez Ripert?" Nope, Ripert is often griling up some meat and serving it "with a not particularly expensive rosé." Scandalous!

Also fun for Bourdain? Watching Ripert try to eat some trashy airport food on the road. "The ultimate triumph was watching him eat> He's never had biscuits and gravy before, it was like watching a dog trying to eat a grape," Bourdain said. Apparently, Ripert showed "sheer horror" at the thought of eating biscuits and gravy, and Bourdain even has the pics to prove it (or it didn't happen).

Watch below for the 11-minute clip, as Bourdain shares that a prostitute will never love you, why he and Ripert are BFFs, and why he's never friends with writers. Ouch. We're hurt, man.