Anthony Bourdain Releases New Edition of 'Kitchen Confidential'

The new version includes handwritten updates
Anthony Bourdain
Wikimedia Commons/ Neeta Lind

Anthony Bourdain

When Anthony Bourdain released his memoir Kitchen Confidential in 2000, he was still an unknown chef running the kitchen at New York’s Les Halles. The book, which soon found itself on The New York Times best-seller list, rocketed the chef to stardom, and he’s since become a household name for his additional books and travel shows.

An updated edition of the book was released a few years later, but the chef has just released one of the more interesting book updates ever: he’s added hundreds of notes, anecdotes, and annotations, helping to flesh out and clarify the original concept, and it’s now available on Amazon.

For example, above the title of the chapter about his college years, he writes, "I left out a lot here. My college years are still too painfully embarrassing to remember." And on the bottom of the page where he states, "I won’t eat in restaurants with filthy bathrooms," he adds, "I have since learned that many of the best meals are in places with filthy bathrooms."


It’s certainly interesting to see what opinions of his have changed over the years, and reading the new version is like reading the old book with Bourdain himself over your shoulder, adding in witty asides and interesting personal notes to make it an even better read.