Anthony Bourdain Opening Street Food Hall in New York City

An opening date has yet to be announced, but the space will include between 40 and 50 'single-concept stalls'

Anthony Bourdain is channeling his serious love of street food into an all-out international food bazaar in New York City.

Anthony Bourdain and his business partner Stephen Werthen are planning an enormous street food emporium that will serve diverse snacks from all over the world. Bourdain told Eater that the innovative food market will include “a dream list of chefs, operators, street food, and hawker legends from around the world,” and might expand to other cities if things go well.

According to Departures, Bourdain’s new food project will have “40 to 50 single-concept stalls,” each offering one or two specialties.

Although a location has not been announced, the space is expected to be divided into three major sections: a group of stalls dedicated to Asian street food (especially Singapore and Malaysia, “where each of the chefs will present a family dish passed down from generations”), a rotating “geographic spotlight” that will change throughout the year, and finally, a selection of gourmet street food from international and domestic chefs.

Although we still don’t know when or where the food hall will open, Werthen told Departures that the space has a clear vision: “authentic and theatrical but not Disney-like.”


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