Anthony Bourdain Attacks Travel Channel Cadillac Ad

The host's most recent Twitter rant targets Cadillac after the car company used his face in their ad

In what might be the final Anthony Bourdain vs. Travel Channel debacle, last night Bourdain rage tweeted a little rant about Cadillac's ad, which aired during his No Reservations finale. The problem? Cadillac used Bourdain's face and footage from the show to imply Bourdain endorsed their cars.

"F*cking Cadillac ," Bourdain tweeted. "Greedy venal #travelchannel ad sales motherf*ckers."

Other anti-corporation tweets included, "I do NOT drive a Cadillac. And now I never will. #travelchannel," plus dark jokes like, "Wow! I can fit TWO bodies in full rigor in the trunk if a #Cadillac ! Awesome! #travelchannel," and "When a #travelchannel exec runs over a hobo in a #Cadillac, I'm told they can barely tell! #goodsuspension."


GrubStreet has the full screengrabs of Bourdain's Twitter rant, but we imagine when wife Ottavia ended the finale viewing with, "That's a WRAP! Thanks for watching! See you on CNN b*tches!" the Bourdain family probably meant it. We'll see how Bourdain's anti-corporation spiel fares with CNN and ABC.