Another Rap to Add to Your Grocery Store Playlist

The band Hollywood Ending decided to go into rapping instead of rock, ending up at the grocery store
Grocery Store Rap

Tween-y band Hollywood Ending might have a Radio Disney fan base, but at least they don't mind breaking the mold and trying their hand at rap. The teen boys decided to put together a grocery store rap, which, although not as fantastic as "Hot Cheetos and Takis," is definitely deserving of a spot on the list of food raps.

Sample lyrics: "Bisquick? I eat that up/ Aunt Jemima, I drink that up/ Woah there Vons you know wassup/ but now I need some Cocoa Puffs son." Unfortunately, the chorus needs some work (seriously? Work on those lyrics guys, that's supposed to be the catchiest part), and the boys could use some dance lessons from Usher.

Watch the entire video below (the rap starts one minute in), and you can download this to follow-up "Hot Cheetos and Takis" over on mediafire. Keep your ears peeled for a "YOLO" drop and Oreo love, especially as one guy raps, "Frosted Flakes yeah we need that/ eatin' Oreos 'til we fat/ Double Stuff yeah I mess with that / reduced fat I don't eat that crap." Also, it kind of just sounds like they're in a bodega.


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